1. Hacking the server and/or services means a instand nullroute/IP Blacklist and plug ban
  2. Illegal Content is strictly phorhibbed
  3. Dont talk about Services that install/use malicuis content/behavior execept when allowed by the owner(EnderNator10)
  4. Underaged Hentai/Porn is not allowed this include boku no pico and other childporn animes
  5. Respect others and no discrimination at all
  6. Trolling is allowed but if someone asks to stop then stop
  7. lissen to staff
  8. Cheats/Unfair Modifications/Applications arent allowed
  9. advertizing only in moderation
  10. NSFW(Porn,Nudes,18+ content,etc) only with [NSFW] tag and NO real life pornography and none on the pkug
  11. Bot Account and services are not allowed and will result in a IP Blacklist!
  12. Were not responsable for user created content!
  13. no trolling/flamewars be respectfull
  14. no advertizing of other plug rooms exept with permission
  15. no spam