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This page is a memorial to Rager Ossel my father who passed away in 2019 from a sudden heart attack

Recovery and Special Video

Daisy, on a journey to recover her mental health, shares a special video from her deceased parents.

Reviving InTouch NV

Daisy is working to revive the old InTouch in a new jacket using menki-neko.nl and manikineko.nl.

Founders' Vision and Goals

Daisy reflects on her father Rager's vision, the goals of InTouch NV, and the pillars set by Willy and Rager, the founders of InTouch.

Daisy's ICT Dream

Daisy's dream is to integrate ICT as a part of nature. She envisions being famous and powerful like her father, contributing to humanity with compassion and love.

In Touch - Human-Centric ICT

In Touch is an ICT service provider putting the human component at the center. It focuses on the utilization of ICT for people, aiming to make ICT resources and possibilities accessible to all.

Dad made a video in 1995(it's in dutch but I have translated the script to english in a document below) about his vision and goals for InTouch NV. He was a visionary and a pioneer in the ICT industry. He was the unmentioned person who talked to giants yet stayed low and humble. He was so passionate about his work and his vision. He was a true leader and a great father.

Video recap in english as spoken by rager

What is my ICT dream? ICT as a part of nature.

An ICT professional, as it is often seen, is someone who connects with ICT. At In Touch, it is actually the case that all ICT resources, possibilities... basically everything, we acquire. This means that we are looking for people who do not just connect to ICT but also to the applicability of ICT.

The more the customer focuses on their own process, the better we can actually help them.

In Touch is an ICT service provider that focuses on the utilization of ICT for people, putting the human component at the center. What does it do for you? What do you need? If you choose healthcare tools, you need to have those ICT resources around you so that you can work effectively. That is essentially the essence of In Touch.

Within In Touch, you have a lot of freedom. Of course, there are things that need to be done. It's not like you come in here and think, "Oh, what should I do?" No, there is a plan, a goal. However, you have a lot of freedom in how you achieve that. I came in here fairly blank.

You have to be able to deal with that. So, it's not that. Every person is suitable to work in a company like In Touch. Just do what you are good at. And you get all the opportunities. If you think, "Well, I like this. I want to develop myself here, learn things," then there is a place within In Touch to do that.

The technical department here has access to the best of the best to ensure that things always keep working. And I will never be cut short on that. I find it very cool to do the work that I am doing now.

How are you? What are your qualities? How can you utilize your qualities? Yes, within this organization. Yes, then I feel like, hey, I am being looked at differently. And as a result, I am more motivated to undertake things. It's just a fun company. As a girl, I find technology very interesting.

I will definitely build things through Intuts, take courses. I have a great love for working with people on one hand, but also staying connected with technology. How can you strengthen us? And there is a lot of room for that. So, the feeling of more responsibility, the feeling of hey, you have more to contribute.

Yes, that's just a cool thing. I was initially a kind of assistant, doing all sorts of small things. We were working on a website at that time. I worked a lot on that. Then I rolled into incidents and service activities. As that progressed, I eventually got the chance to delegate more...

to show myself.

I think for new employees, In Touch is a challenge in many ways. The difficult part for people is that it has little structure and that you have to find your own way, your own place. And you have to set up your own work. What I want is to intervene. When you no longer notice that you are utilizing ICT...

then your effectiveness is much higher, collaboration is much easier. Everything becomes much lighter. The philosophy is also that we notice that people in the ICT environment are doing too much work. That makes it too complicated due to that instrumentality. If you make that more transparent, you can achieve much more with much less work.

In a small team, that means you have to be flexible. Well, that's actually the four words that come back in it, I think. But I think mainly smoothly within the existing team... that you feel at home in that. Characteristic for In Touch is that we actually look at our customers.

What do our customers need? It shouldn't be a rigid service. It must also be a super service that keeps up with the times.

We give very little, "This is exactly your piece, and you only do that." We are a fairly all-around small team. So yes, everyone should be able to answer a phone call... Everyone should be able to do certain things... and everyone has their own area of focus. So if you're in a technical field...

yes, then you're naturally a bit more into technology... than if you're on the customer side. But in principle, we know a lot about each other's work... and also what everyone is working on. I think that in the future, In Touch employees will become much better at collaborating. Consistently, there are always at least two people informed about something.

That when something is taken, it's always done with at least two people... so that you can check and assist each other... and train each other... and that it will run much, much better. The most challenging thing for me is the speed at which the company is developing... and maintaining the conceptual aspect... that we also change everything from the speed our customers have.

essentially taking that change as a given... and always being adaptive to the changing policies... and changing processes at those customers. And in our case, you see that change continuously.